3D Printing in the Classroom

September 29th, 2011 by Lizabeth Arum Leave a reply »

I spent the summer helping Makerbot Industries develop educational curriculum. The start of this ambitious project can be found at http://curricum.makerbot.com. This is just the beginning, and I would love for other educators to contribute their ideas and lesson plans so that there is a community of teachers that can explore 3D printing in their classrooms and inspire their students to create, invent and engage in the engineering process.

I currently have two Thing-O-Matics in my classroom and my students are using a variety of software to create their own models: 3dtin.com, tinkercad.com, sketchup, blender and openscad. Yesterday I came across local-guru.net‘s CookieCutter-editor and I can’t wait to make NY State, some tessellations and maybe even symbolic representations of poetry and narratives. Anyone want an Edger Allen Poe Raven cookie?

Don’t know about 3D printing, or think it would be difficult to incorporate in your curriculum? Then check out last night’s Make Live episode.

Tinkercad Demonstration



  1. Hi! 3D is very useful in project or field. i read your post and i like it very much. thanks for sharing!

  2. Tom Meeks says:

    I loved your video on TinkerCad. On MAKE you also mentioned another 3D program for young children; but, I did not get the name correctly. I’d love to know about that too.

    Some years ago, I was hoping that CosmicBlobs would be fully developed. It, too, was a wonderful program for children. But, the technology apparently couldn’t be expanded. It’s great to see new technologies emerging and teachers that take advantage of them for children. Nice!

    Even though the program is not longer available I included a blog address where we explored it at the time.

    Thanks again for your work!

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